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We run a League Championship, over 3 Divisions.

Teams of 5, all play all twice each season. Home team has black pieces on all boards.


We also run a knockout cup for teams of 3, the Arjay Trophy and the Arjay Plate.


The start of the season sees the Team Lightning competition, for teams of 5.


The Mini-League is a team competition handicaped by grading, and the Rapid Play league is for teams of 3 playing two 2 games per fixture of 25 minutes +10 seconds per move increment each (or 30 mnutes each if no digital clocks are available), once with the white pieces, once with the black pieces.


Individuals can compete for the Norman Ellis Trophy (Open) and the Ken Appleby (U1700).


The Gambit Trophy is awarded to the player who scores the most points in all LCA competition games over the full season.



Past League Champions 1970 to date

  DIV 1 DIV 2 DIV 3 Mini
2023 Leeds Chess Club Limewood& Scarcroft B Limewood & Scarcroft C Rose Forgrove
2022 Leeds Chess Club Leeds Chess Club   Rose Forgrove
2021   No Competions      
2020 Leeds CCCC  Leeds B */ Rose Forgrove B *   Limewood & Scarcroft*
2019 Moortown University Alwoodley Rose Forgrove
2018 Moortown Rose Forgrove Pudsey  Rose Forgrove
2017 Leeds CCCC Copperworks Rose Forgrove  Limewood&Scarcroft
2016 Leeds CCCC Rose Forgrove Moortown Alwoodley
2015 Leeds CCCC Moortown Leeds Chess Club Rose Forgrove
2014 Leeds CCCC Rose Forgrove   Alwoodley
2013 Rose Forgrove Rose Forgrove   Rose Forgrove
2012 Rose Forgrove University   Alwoodley
2011 Copperworks Rose Forgrove Rose Forgrove Alwoodley
2010 Rose Forgrove Alwoodley   Alwoodley
2009 Rose Forgrove Leeds Chess Club    
2008 Rose Forgrove University    
2007 Alwoodley Alwoodley   Rose Forgrove
2006 Pudsey West Leeds   Alwoodley
2005 Rose Forgrove Copperworks   Alwoodley
2004 Alwoodley Alwoodley   West Leeds
2003 Alwoodley Rose Forgrove   Rose Forgrove
2002 Rose Forgrove Copperworks Rose Forgrove West Leeds
2001 Rose Forgrove Quarry House Pudsey Rose Forgrove
2000 Leeds Chess Club Copperworks Alwoodley Alwoodley
1999 Leeds Chess Club Alwoodley Rose Forgrove West Leeds
1998 Leeds Chess Club Quarry House Pontefract Alwoodley
1997 Rose Forgrove Rose Forgrove West Leeds Leeds Chess Club
1996 Inner Circle Rose Forgrove Inner Circle West Leeds
1995 Rose Forgrove Inner Circle Alwoodley Alwoodley
1994 Rose Forgrove Rose Forgrove Inner Circle Alwoodley
1993 Leeds Chess Club West Leeds Rose Forgrove Alwoodley
1992 Leeds Chess Club Leeds Chess Club Pudsey Boston Spa
1991 Rose Forgrove Rose Forgrove Rose Forgrove Pudsey
1990 Rose Forgrove YTV West Leeds Pudsey
1989 Rose Forgrove Rose Forgrove YTV Pudsey
1988 Rose Forgrove West Leeds Pudsey Rose Forgrove
1987 University Pudsey Rose Forgrove West Leeds
1986 Leeds Chess Club Rose Forgrove Pudsey Rose Forgrove
1985 Rose Forgrove West Leeds Boston Spa West Leeds
1984 University YTV University Rose Forgrove
1983 Leeds Chess Club Copperworks University Rose Forgrove
1982 University University Horsforth Rose Forgrove
1981 Leeds Chess Club Wakefield Leeds WI Rangers
1980 Leeds Chess Club Alwoodley Negas Copperworks
1979 University Harrogate Rose Forgrove Alwoodley
1978 Leeds Chess Club Wakefield Transport  
1977 Harrogate ROF Barnbow Alwoodley  
1976 Alwoodley University    
1975 Copperworks Hunslet  Hold    
1974 University Crabtree    
1973 University Alwoodley    
1972 Copperworks Harrogate    
1971 Negas Hardings    
1970 Negas Copperworks    

 * 2019-20 Season incomplete due to Covid-19 - Table shows leaders when competion was suspended in March 2020.  In Division 1  Leeds CCCC 1 had already secured the title at that time.


* Season 2020-21 Season abandoned due to Covid-19.

Past Individual Champions - 1970 to date

2023 L Gostelow J Day
2022 No Competition No Competition 
2021 No Competition No Competition
2020 M Bramson * I Strickland / J Collier *
2019 T Leah D Rajkumar
2018 I Hunter R Hersey
2017 I Hunter I Strickland
2016 M Bramson P Farrell
2015 M Bramson R Moneagle
2014 A Bagley P Saunders
2013 A Bagley J Hipshon
2012 M Priest P Brennan
2011 I Hunter J Hipshon
2010 A. Bak S Johnson
2009 R Donahue D Morgan
2008 M Bramson A Stones
2007 M Bramson P Salisbury
2006 R Donahue  D Morgan 
2005 AG Williamson  T Hill 
2004 C W Davies  S Burton 
2003 B Hare  K Riach 
2002 C Wright J Wells
2001 C Wright E Wright
2000 D Greensmith E Wright
1999 C Wright S Johnson
1998 G Coleman M Blythe 
1997 J Round  A Wylde
1996 B Wood R Bond
1995 J Hunt M Farley
1994 D Hubbard  S Johnson
1993 W Hicks  M McHugh
1992 W Hicks G Smith
1991 M Walker I Thackray
1990 W Hicks G Garrick
1989 A Slinger M Farley
1988 A Slinger S Webster
1987 I Smith I Strickland
1986 G Nixon J Round
1985 G Nixon M Shaw
1984 G Nixon  
1983 G Nixon  
1982 G Nixon  
1981 G Nixon  
1980 G Nixon  
1979 M Arnold  
1978 G Nixon  
1977 A Cochrane  
1971 W Goerke  

 * 2019-20 Season incomplete due to Covid-19 - Table shows leaders when competion was suspended.  


* Season 2020-21 Season abandoned due to Covid-19.  No competion  in 2021-22 Season

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