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LCA Players List

This list is intended to include all LCA players and should be used for reference to check the gradings of players so that clubs can ensure compliance with all rules concerning board order and team selection, and to calculate handicap points for the Mini League events.


The current below includes all players who played in the 2018-19 season and will be updated as the new season progresses. 


For the 2019-20 season, we will be using ECF standard grades, from the July 2019 list. YCA grades are no longer being updated. All LCA games will continue to be ECF graded.


By exception, for example for players returning to competitive chess after a long absence, will be allocated a grade in accordance with the rules, or by the Controller based on historic gradings or any other relevant evidence. 


It's important that all regular players join the ECF, to avoid grading fees accruing for their club. Ask your Club Secretary.  You can join the ECF or renew your membership at their website.


The full ECF list can be found at their grading website.


Name LCA Club ECF Std (July 19)

ECF Rapid

ECF Code
Ackley, Peter JE   Leeds 191A 201C 165369G
Adam, David W   Rose Forgrove 139A 142E 142617F
Aldous, Dave   Alwoodley 131E   265439J
Allis, Richard   Moortown 190A 197D 243664E
Almazedi, Firas   Alwoodley 169B 159C 287773K
Alsina Leal, Daniel   Leeds 241B 229D 292573E
Anderson, Paul W   Leeds 188A 194D 105723G

Auer, Helmut  
Rose Forgrove 102B   104911C
Aziz, Zana   Leeds 131A 147E 278213D
Bagley, Andy J   Rose Forgrove 158A 172D 276570G
Bai, Guang   Leeds University     323491F
Bak, Andrew   Pudsey 179A 173C 226372F
Bak, Christopher   Pudsey 193A 175C 243671B
Barlow, David   Copperworks 173A 168F 106225G
Barry, Colm   Leeds 198A 199D 230914C
Bird, Jim   Rose Forgrove 103B   264720F
Birkin, Mark H   Leeds 173C   262624L
Blythe, Martin R   Rose Forgrove 104C   104934D
Bolton, S Neil   Rose Forgrove 85B   270374K
Bowman, Richard L   Leeds 156A 158D 149635K
Braham, Peter   Alwoodley 142A 135D 279751D
Bramson, Mike   Pudsey 153A 165C 107189A
Brears, Howard   Limewood & Scarcroft 122A   302366H
Brencher, Paul   Limewood & Scarcroft 169B   255162M
Brennan, Pete   Alwoodley 114B   250781L
Broatch, Neil S   Leeds 118D   274572A
Brodie, Eric J   Limewood & Scarcroft 148D   107334F
Brooke, John   Rose Forgrove 96A   179328H
Browne, Robin F   Leeds 140B 148D 243663C
Burnett, Jim   Leeds 190A 193C 156101H
Burton, Stephen   West Leeds 111A 97E 107765L
Burton, Stephen P   Rose Forgrove 50C   296431E
Butler, James   Leeds University 109E   259029D
Carrigan, Ian   Limewood & Scarcroft 113D   180643K
Carrigan, Michael   Limewood & Scarcroft 54E   318126B
Catron, W (Bill)   Rose Forgrove 54C   216767A
Cavalier, Joe   Alwoodley     323492H
Chan, Bernard   Leeds University 192A 177D 320356G
Chen, Matthew   Leeds University 159C 153F 295714A
Clark, Peter J   Rose Forgrove 118A   281791D
Clark, William (Bill)    Pudsey 149B   108421F
Clarke, Paul RH   Rose Forgrove 146A   108452F
Clarke, Sylvan   Alwoodley 92B 75D 295995B
Colledge, Dave   Copperworks 141A   216774J
Cooper, Peter   Copperworks 135B   300082F
Corcoran, Gary   Leeds 133C   258651E
Corner, Brian D   Leeds 107E   251791H
Coull, Aidan   Leeds   105E 321558B
Cowan, Richard M   Limewood & Scarcroft 174A   230912K
Crawford, Lee   Leeds 152A 149F 285863A
Crowther, Mark D   Moortown 189A 179F 109171C
Cullum, Dale H   West Leeds 149A 137D 302373E
Curras Lorenzo, G Leeds University 142D   318585B
Dannenberg, James   Moortown 185A   220026A
Davies, Clive W   Rose Forgrove 159A   158301D
Davies, Eric P   West Leeds 100C 111D 149275F
Day, Paul G   Leeds 153B   109485D
de Sousa, Jael J   Alwoodley 132D 132A 306840H
Dean, Robert A   Pudsey 148A 155D 109533L
Dennington, Robert   Alwoodley 117A 114F 133944J
Dennison, Warren B   Rose Forgrove 179A 175D 271684H
Devlin, Tom   Rose Forgrove 106A   158302F
Dhay, Anas   Leeds University   87E 321921F
Donahue, Randy  Leeds 146A 153C 261049J
Dowell, Matthew   Alwoodley 94E   185811H
Duncanson, Henry G   Rose Forgrove 201C   185233E
Eliyahoo, Ron   Leeds University 128D   272152B
Farley, Mike   Copperworks 123C   110429K
Farrell, Pete   Rose Forgrove 123A   233873H
Ferri, Devid   Leeds University   69F 320062A
Fishburn, Simon   Alwoodley     263644L
Forbes, Stephen   West Leeds 115A   220056K
Ford, Rob   Limewood & Scarcroft 86F   322878C
Fulthorpe, Barry   Limewood & Scarcroft 76A 63B 262439E
Gallagher, Dominic   Rose Forgrove 115A   103345B
Gelder, Paul   Alwoodley 122A 117D 125922C
Grasham, John   Limewood & Scarcroft 134A   263644L
Grassie, Duncan   Leeds 182D   229763C
Gration, Richard   Alwoodley 117E   322878C
Griffiths, Neil   Rose Forgrove 131A 129C 302678E
Haggas, Stephen   Moortown 107B   128332H
Hall, John   Leeds 207C   283439L
Halpin, David   Limewood & Scarcroft 63A   152480L
Hanover, David   Limewood & Scarcroft 73D   318747A
Hardy, Paul   Alwoodley 108C   250847D
Hardy, Richard D   Moortown 164A 179D 128343B
Harrington, Peter R   Limewood & Scarcroft 179D   301715B
Harris, Mark   Alwoodley 149A   248487A
Harris, Matt   Limewood & Scarcroft 101F 93E 320925J
Harris, Neil   Leeds 32D   308400A
Hemingway, Miles T   Leeds University 136D 122D 270822L
Herbert, Mark A   Alwoodley 61E   274257D
Hersey, Richard   Alwoodley 131A   285735C
Hipshon, John   Alwoodley 127A   262445L
Hirst, David   Leeds 136D   277435F
Hodgson, Steven   Alwoodley 78C   298656F
Holi, Siefaldin   Limewood & Scarcroft 147A 138B 301941L
Hopkins, Kit W   Leeds University 187C   297121F
Horton, Ben   Leeds University     323494A
Howden, Paul   Rose Forgrove 147A 143C 263785G
Hughes, Peter   Copperworks 153A   258818D
Hunter, Ian P   Rose Forgrove 158A   264536B
Hurwitz, Ed JG   Rose Forgrove 161B   113280F
Hutchinson, Guy   Pudsey 87D   265529K
Ibbitson, Anthony   Pudsey 145L   230785G
Jain, Vishal   Leeds University 89F   320106F
Jefferies, R   Limewood & Scarcroft 125F   152731K
Jennings, Roger W   Rose Forgrove 170A   100783L
Johnson, Paul A   Limewood & Scarcroft 159A   113707E
Johnson, Stuart M   Alwoodley 117A   113717H
Jones, Doug   Leeds 54E   308401C
Jones, Matt   Rose Forgrove 126A   312912D
Jones, Rupert W   Leeds 151A 132E 180278B
Jordan, Jon   Alwoodley 117D   312914H
Jordan, Thomas   Leeds University 124D 114F 252466B
Khan, Karim   Alwoodley 143A 133C 255264E
King, Alex   Rose Forgrove 60B   292528L
Kluckova, Alzbeta   Leeds University 66B 70E 308696D
Labia, Francesco L   Leeds University 140D   313675K
Laing, Ron S   Copperworks 100D   113987D
Langrehr, Julius   Leeds University 103E 128F 317043D
Lawson, Nigel   Limewood & Scarcroft     315000J
Leah, Tom   Limewood & Scarcroft 181A 157D 267771E
Letton, Rob   Rose Forgrove 144A   142494E
Lewyk, Ihor   Pudsey 184B 203E 114386E
Light, John   Limewood & Scarcroft 88A 85A 274581B
Lockwood, Herbert   Limewood & Scarcroft 132A   114537L
Luty, Liam   Copperworks     323495K
Machin, John O   Pudsey 82D   244014D
Mackenzie, Kira   Leeds University 59E 95E 302186F
Maltby, RA (Bob)   Limewood & Scarcroft 121A   264510F
Marsden, Kenneth L   Pudsey 91A 94C 278428C
Marsh, Keith   Moortown 150B   142719C
Marshall, Barry   Moortown 152B   158586S
Masiak, Paul   Limewood & Scarcroft 91A   250516C
Mason, Peter F   Leeds 153B 138E 262433D
May, Paul   Alwoodley 157A 138B 284872H
May, Philip   Alwoodley 94A 93D 133475L
McAnulla, Stuart   Alwoodley 83E   183311L
McCarthy, Darren   Rose Forgrove 123B 116D 220058C
McGinty, Mark   Moortown 116A 98D 282238G
Milnes, John DH   Moortown 156A 145E 162863D
Mitchinson, Rodney   Limewood & Scarcroft 78A   233893C
Mohammed, Khalid   Leeds 161C   278429E
Moneagle, Robert   Limewood & Scarcroft 144A 137F 283932F
Morozov, Julian   Leeds University 100F   314995L
Morris, Alex   Leeds University   56E 321924A
Mukelabai, N   Leeds 97D   228482A
Mzizi, Lackson   Rose Forgrove 142E   321590J
Ng, Eden   Leeds University 120D 123E 314996B
Parker, Andrew   Rose Forgrove 40B   250912L
Patrick, David A   Copperworks 161A 161A 116801A
Pearce, Gordon D   Alwoodley 122C   116862K
Pedro, David L   Alwoodley 145B 139D 234028J
Pegg, Gareth   Limewood & Scarcroft     305865H
Pinder, William   Copperworks 105B   158499G
Playford, Samuel J   Rose Forgrove 122A   302680C
Potiwal, Rashpal S   Rose Forgrove 67D   274584H
Procter, Colin S   Copperworks 156A 155E 117487D
Pugh, Jonathan   Leeds     288449F
Quereshi, M Younis   Moortown 162A 138D 243691H
Quinn, Gerhard   Rose Forgrove 125C   295980L
Rajkumar, D   Leeds 116D   295405K
Redmond, Nigel   Pudsey 123A 129E 265461B
Regulski, Paul   Alwoodley 144F   320084L
Riach, Keith J   Rose Forgrove 130A   149280K
Riddle, Alan   Alwoodley 75A 81C 281801C
Roche, Chris   Copperworks 119D   285742L
Rooney, Peter D   Moortown 184A 182C 118191K
Rosamonte, Michell   Leeds 94C   298800J
Ross, Andy   Alwoodley 132A   180285K
Round, R Michael   Rose Forgrove 165A 179E 166299F
Routledge, Adam   Copperworks 146B   254407G
Saunders, Peter   Alwoodley 111C 107E 277452F
Science, Ben D   Rose Forgrove 127D   290146J
Shapland, David   Leeds 169A   270228K
Shaw, Peter C   Limewood & Scarcroft 132C   173571J
Sheldrick, Frank T   Alwoodley 146A 147D 261035J
Sheppard, Pete R   Rose Forgrove 96D   262427J
Skopinski, Marcin   Rose Forgrove 113B 122E 307408A
Slinger, AJ (Tony)   Copperworks 170A   119124L
Smith, Paul   Limewood & Scarcroft 38C   310016K
Solomons, Paul   Copperworks 159C 179F 259665K
Somerset, William P   Pudsey 163A   104748G
South, Robert A   Alwoodley 103C   148597A
Spencer, Steve A   Copperworks 120C   119508G
Sriharan, Sri   Limewood & Scarcroft 96A 72E 180765B
Starley, Robert   Leeds University 195A 167B 254632C
Strickland, Ian D   West Leeds 124A 104D 119839H
Strutt, Ben   Rose Forgrove 140B   317047A
Sucikova, Katarina   Leeds University 140E   292282E
Sucikova, Svetlana   Leeds University 196C 187C 291537G
Summerland, David   West Leeds 103A 93F 187281D
Tait, Bill   Moortown 134A 131A 281332E
Tanham, Dan   Rose Forgrove 85E   321534K
Tatham, Chris   Limewood & Scarcroft 121B   131500G
Taylor, C Barry   Moortown 138B 135C 188206F
Terrington, Chris J   Alwoodley 117B 98E 120223G
Thackray, Ian M   Rose Forgrove 114C   120232H
Thomas, Roy   Copperworks 85D   178744F
Thornton, Hugh   Alwoodley 126B   120371L
Timmis, Ivor   Alwoodley 99B   311196K
Vickery, Jim E   Alwoodley 169A 174D 120861F
Wainwright, Andrew    Leeds 170E   185834J
Waite, Nicholas   Leeds 95D 104F 318645D
Walker, Mike A   Moortown 185B 182E 142953L
Watson, Phil R   Copperworks 203A 189F 173429F
Watson, Simon   Pudsey 147A 169D 262431L
Welsh, Callum   Pudsey 158A   290130E
Welsh, Oliver   Pudsey     325490D
Westmoreland, S  Leeds 150B 149F 142133F
Whitehead, Steve   Limewood & Scarcroft 139E   128701B
Williams, Winston   Moortown 162C   261060H
Woolley, Mark   Copperworks     323489H
Wright, Chris   Alwoodley 171A 168C 214108F
Young, Dave   Pudsey 79B 66E 265474L




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